• Trask

    Current Position: Blended Online Social Studies Teacher & Academic Interventionist 

    Email: tcolby@pps.net



    Trask's Responsibilities:

    - Support the Social Studies team

    - Develop and Improve Curriculum

    - Provide one-on-one Academic Support


    About Trask:

    Trask is a born and raised Portlandian. He attended Portland Public Schools and graduated from Madison (McDaniel) High School in 2002. After bouncing around with jobs and school he graduated in 2012 with a teaching degree and started working for PPS that year. He was hired by VS in 2015 and has been with the program ever since. When he isn't teaching, he spends his time playing with his daughter, taking lots of vacations, playing video games and guitar, or working in the garden. He is happiest when he is outside, cycling, playing games with his kid, or looking for birds. Trask's hope for his students' education is that they'll understand current events that happen because of our history.