• Dear OLA families,


    It was such an honor to serve you all last year.  Last year, the federal USDA Child Nutrition Programs were granted authority by Congress to allow flexibilities through a series of waivers.  These waivers allowed the Nutrition Services department the opportunity to offer meals to your student even though they were not in a physical building. 

    The special permissions and flexibilities included: 

    • allowing parents to pick up meals (normally we can only hand a meal directly to a student)

    • allowing us to serve more than one meal at a time (normally we can only serve in a specific time period and often specifying how much time is in between service of meals)

    • allowing grab and go meals (meals are supposed to be served within the school building as congregate in a cafeteria or classroom, unless approved for a field trip)

    All of these points were not renewed or allowed by Congress moving forward.  Additionally, USDA is requiring that students must attend school in a "brick and mortar" building, tying back to the congregate meal service and eating setting during a school day.  


    If anything changes with the federal regulations, we will keep families informed. Thank you again and hope your students have a great school year.


    PPS Nutrition Services